10 3 / 2013

08 3 / 2013

Last month saw the annual Berlinale Film Festival, one of the world’s leading film festivals and media events. There are a number of different awards, with The Golden Bear the highest and most prestigious award given. 

This years Golden Bear was awarded to a quasi-documentary style Romanian film, Pozitia Copilului or Child’s Pose. The film directed by Calin Peter Netzer, the bearer for the critically acclaimed new wave of film-making, tells the story of a boy who knocks down and kills a teenager and his mothers attempts to use her wealth to keep him from imprisonment.

Check out the trailer below, the film is a must see!!


06 3 / 2013

Hope everyone has had a great week so far. We want to keep everyone posted about the cinema night that will start this spring. 

We would appreciate your suggestions on what are your favourite international films and maybe one of yours will be shown!

You can learn about new and inspiring films, and taste some of Kino’s delicious food or drinks, all while in the company of other film enthusiasts. 

Kino Lounge Bournemouth is looking forward to our upcoming film club, and we hope you are too! 

05 3 / 2013

Then Kino Lounge is the place for you. 

A selection of  awarded  internationally renowned films will be featured  in Kino’s  relaxing and comfy environment, starting this Spring,.

Let Kino transport you to Berlin Film Festival, Cannes or Venice, giving you the opportunity to engage with those sharing  the same interests and passions.

Hope to see you soon for a chat after our upcoming  featured films!


04 3 / 2013

That’s what Kino stands for!

A place driven by  a support for local artists and innovative ideas. Standing by the side of talent and artistic inspiration, Kino hosts numerous paintings of local artists.

Bournemouth artists’ unique work build Kino’s Lounge atmosphere, decorating its walls, giving one the chance of dining and enjoying a drink in a gallery  environment.

03 3 / 2013


Thinking of hosting a small event? Maybe a birthday party, dinner with colleagues or surprise party?

Kino Lounge Bournemouth offers the perfect venue for your next intimate event! Our gorgeous light wood accents, paired with our high ceilings, has created an open, stylish, yet refined atmosphere.  We have blended our contemporary interior design with the original Victorian era character of the building.  By embracing and preserving some the original architectural features, such as the exquisite crown moldings, Kino Lounge Bournemouth is the perfect spot to host a small event.  We offer an atmosphere where the elegance of the past meets the chic and cultured sophistication of the present, a perfect match for your next celebration!

For all inquiries, please call 01202 552588 or send a private Facebook message with your details.

02 3 / 2013

And come to Kino’s to catch up with friends in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere!

01 3 / 2013

Feeling a bit tired and hungry after a late Friday or Saturday night?

After enjoying a leisurely sleep-in and reenergizing, why not come on over to Kino Lounge Bournemouth and refuel yourself with our delicious weekend brunch?

We offer a fabulous organic weekend brunch.  Come and sip on our gourmet Italian coffee, and nibble on our wide variety of organic breads, eggs, muesli, or yoghurt.  

If you are feeling extra hungry, you can share our signature Brunch for two, complete with eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese, yoghurt, pancakes and bread! 

Have a wonderful weekend, and hopefully see you soon :) 


27 2 / 2013


The founder of Kino’s Lounge Bournemouth, has a passion for the finer things in life.  He has blended his sophisticated taste with the organic and comfortable atmosphere of Kino’s. He is passionate about international films, good food, beautiful art and quality Italian coffee. 

He wanted to introduce the authentic Italian coffee culture to Dorset.  He wanted to offer a place with heart and soul, and portray sophistication. This is one of the driving forces behind the creation of Kino’s Lounge Bournemouth.

In addition to his signature Italian coffee, he wanted to share his experience of Swiss culture with his customers, by providing luxurious and authentic Swiss style hot chocolate.  

Warm up with one of our signature hot drinks! 

26 2 / 2013


Kino’s offers a fantastic array of classic, homemade, Italian, thin crust pizzas.  When you walk into Kino’s and order one of the many tantalizing and savoury pizzas, you feel as if you have been transported into a relaxing, refined and rustic Roman pizzeria.  At Kino’s you won’t only get to taste the delectable Italian flavours, or smell the authentic aromas, you will also be greeted with that world famous, welcoming and friendly Italian hospitality.  

Kino’s offers pizza for those with the most traditional of tastes, as well as for those with more adventurous palates.  If you are craving some classic and delicious comfort food, the Pizza Margherita, Pepperoni or Four Cheeses are all excellent choices. 

However, if you feel like spicing up your taste buds and trying something new, Kino’s offers a few unique options that incorporate flavours from far away and exotic cultures, such as the Mexican or Hawaiian pizzas.

We also offer an array of vegetarian pizzas, in addition to a range of pizzas geared for meat lovers or seafood enthusiasts.  Plus, Kino’s keeps the menu exciting by featuring weakly pizza specials, combining delicious and distinctive ingredients.  As well, Kino’soffers a signature pasta dish: Spaghetti Carbonara, perfect for a cold winter’s day! 

If you are feeling a little more peckish and want to experience more of Kino’s tasty menu, why not accompany your pizza with a hearty soup or refreshing salad?

 Our hearty soup selection:

  • Carrot &Coriander
  • Tomato, Mushroom
  • Potato & leak   

 Our refreshing salad selection:

  • Persian salad
  • Mixed Salad
  •  Greek Salad
  • Tuna Salad
  • Coleslaw


Kino’s is a place where you can grab a pizza on your own, or share it with friends or family, either way you will leave Kino’s pleasantly full and wanting more!  So, why not live the dolce vita and tantalize your taste buds at Kino’s Lounge Bournemouth? 

Buon Appetito!